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How to increase scented candles sales at Autumn? 5 ways

How to increase scented candles sales at Autumn? 5 ways

Autumn is the time when there is a markedly increased interest in scented candles and interior fragrances. After the back to school campaign period, the daily rhythm is naturally organized. We spend time at home more and more often (especially when the weather does not encourage outdoor activities, as is the case in the summer months), and thus we pay attention to coziness and comfort in everyday life.

For these reasons, autumn is the perfect time to increase the sales of scented candles in your company! Your customers are thirsty for a good smell, comfort and the joy of spending time at home. Scented candles are able to provide a sense of security and community, so give your customers the best.

Below you will find five proven ways to increase your sales of scented candles for fall.

How to increase scented candles sales at Autumn? 5 ways

Jesienne świece zapachowe producent dystrybutor hurtownia

Stock up on seasonal autumn fragrances

Autumn has its specificity. Your customers will naturally look for comforting, expressive, sweet and cozy candles. It is a great idea to extend the offer with limited seasonal fragrances from our offer.

Each autumn, we present new scented candles with autumn accords, which will perfectly match the expectations of your customers. By offering pumpkin candles or those with the scent of freshly baked apple pie, you give your customers what they are looking for right now.

Create an autumn arrangement with candles

Show off autumn fragrances in a special place. A great idea will be to create an autumn arrangement in which you will weave the scented candles from our offer. Don't forget about additions and accessories that create a cozy atmosphere (autumn gifts will be perfect).

If you run an online store, place the autumn banner with candles in a prominent place on your store's website and notify your customers about new products on social media.

Jak zwiększyć sprzedaż świec zapachowych na jesień?

Start early

Prepare your customers for autumn candlelight novelties. It is a good idea to stock up points of sale during the summer or early September. Thanks to this, you will make it easier for customers to feel the autumn climate, which will encourage them to buy an autumn fragrance.

You can tell your customers about upcoming news. It's also a good idea to post Coming Soon ... on social media.

Remember about Halloween!

Celebrating Halloween is gaining more and more popularity throughout Europe every year. This is an additional opportunity to increase sales of scented candles for the fall.

Add limited scented candles from the Halloween edition to your offer and your customers will be grateful! All the limited fall fragrances for Halloween are specially prepared in such a way as to combine the well-liked scents (pumpkin, apple, wood, spices) and refer to the scary decorations for the Ghost Festival.

Recommend autumn fragrances to customers

An important element of increasing sales of scented candles in the fall is, of course, professional and properly trained personnel. Inform the team about the pro-sale campaign of autumn candles, about the scents and their properties.

It is also great to place autumn scented candles in places for impulse shopping, such as on the counter at the checkout. Thanks to this, you can increase sales, and your client will gain a beautiful scent that will make the upcoming autumn evenings more pleasant.

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