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The new collection of Wellness soy candles from Colonial Candle is now available!

The new collection of Wellness soy candles from Colonial Candle is now available!

The Colonial Candle brand is an American manufacturer of premium scented candles and waxes with over 100 years of tradition. The origins of the brand date back to 1909 and since then Colonial Candle has been dynamically developing, launching new collections of candles on the market. One of the latest collections is Wellness candles inspired by essential oils.

Natural Wellness scented soy candles by Colonial Candle

Natural Colonial Candle scented candles from the Wellness collection are a dream come true for lovers of natural home products. White frosted glass topped with a minimalist label and a wooden lid provide a luxurious experience of well-being and soothe the senses. Two premium cotton wicks for better burnout of the candle and a mixture of natural soy wax ensure you enjoy using this series of candles at any time.

The Wellness collection, inspired by essential oils with calming properties, includes soothing fragrances. The Wellness collection is perfect for any space. Provide yourself a moment and gain new energy to act thanks to the fragrances from the Wellness collection.

Good candle burning. Two lead-free premium cotton wicks make Colonial Candle soy candles burn out evenly.

Soy wax. Candles made of a mixture of soy wax.

Craft. Colonial Candle candles are made in the USA.

Classic and modern - Colonial Candle scented candles from USA

For more than a century, the Colonial Candle brand has brought joy, lights up homes and helps create unique memories. Taking pride in one's own achievements and looking to the future are the determinants of the brand, as are dedication to customers and the places where they live. Colonial Candle is the motto of Colonial Candle to create fragrances that create a joyful, homely atmosphere, recall memories and improve mood, and help you relax in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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