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Premiere - soy candles with Charmed Aroma jewelry

Premiere - soy candles with Charmed Aroma jewelry

Scented candles have long ceased to be treated only as an element illuminating a room. Nowadays, we expect more from candles. Hence the unflagging popularity of scented candles. The Charmed Aroma brand perfectly fits the current trend by offering something else - a unique gift attached to each product. To meet the expectations of both women and men, the brand combined the idea of hygge with the desire to give the best. This is how scented candles and bath bombs with jewelry from the Canadian premium brand Charmed Aroma were created.

Not only women will love soy scented candles with jewelry

The universal character of Charmed Aroma candles is manifested in many aspects. Not only an elegant, minimalist design, but also a gift - a surprise makes the Charmed Aroma candle a perfect gift for any occasion. Natural scented candles with soy wax in a minimalist, classic glass with a colorful, elegant label with gold accents and an additional gold metal lid. Each lid has an embossed Charmed Aroma logo. After opening, the candle captivates not only with its beautiful scent, but also with two wicks. Two wicks in the Charmed Aroma candle ensure faster diffusion of fragrance in the room and a unique visual experience. After melting the wax, the customer receives a surprise gift - silver jewelry of the highest quality.

Bath bombs with Shea butter and silver jewelry as a gift

In addition to aromatic scented candles, Charmed Aroma's offer includes wonderful, large bath bombs with hidden jewelry. An excellent idea for a gift and a moment of relaxation in a home SPA will please customers. When placed in warm water in the bathtub, each effervescent bath bomb dissolves, releasing a wonderful scent and, after a while, an elegant piece of jewelry - a surprise.

925 silver jewelry in each Charmed Aroma scented candle and bath bomb

Each Charmed Aroma scented candle and bath bomb contains a guaranteed surprise gift. This is the highest quality silver jewelry made of 925 silver. Each scent and pattern of a candle and bath bomb is a different jewelry collection. The brand's offer includes approximately 5,000 different jewelry designs. The customer can choose from various types of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. In the case of rings, there are (depending on the collection) adjustable rings, i.e. expanded to fit different finger sizes, and classic rings, in which the customer selects the size before purchasing.

Some types of jewelry contain specially selected natural stones, for example amethysts or opals. There was also a collection with real Swarovski crystals.

Some collections are additionally plated in rose gold, yellow gold or in shades of platinum and deep black. Each Charmed Aroma silver collection is rhodium-plated silver for even better quality and unique shine.

The jewelry contained in candles and bath bombs from the Canadian brand Charmed Aroma is safely packed in silver foil (for candles) or a waterproof bag (for bath bombs). This ensures comfort of use and safety of the jewelry.

Soy candles with Charmed Aroma jewelry
Soy candles with Charmed Aroma jewelry
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